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At binaryoptions.net.za we provide: comprehensive information and a complete package of services for anyone interested in getting involved with binary options trading. Trading binary options is an exclusive trading opportunity. It is a relatively simple way of making a profit depending on the price movement of some of the principle asset classes. This trade is growing in popularity in South Africa, and is why we wish to provide you with the ultimate guide in binary trade in South Africa. Get in touch here.

Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is a fairly unknown product, but is becoming a growing form of investment. Because it offers such a simple way to invest, where the risk and reward is clearly defined at the start, it is quickly becoming a prevalent means of investing.

Each binary trade has a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ outcome, on a question such as – will this specific stock price value rise or fall? Another possible question – will this exchange rate finish lower? These yes/no or up/down outcomes defines the ’binary’ element. Another aspect is the time scale – the period for which the binary option is set for. It can be as short as 30 seconds, or for a month, a year, or any period in between.

Because of that binary options is a simple trading choice, but with high reward / high risk.

If the trader is correct, a 70% to 95% return on their investment can be paid as soon as the period is over, often within a few minutes. However if the trader was incorrect, they lose their full investment. However there is no leveraged exposure with a binary trade, so the ratio of reward and risk can be easily managed.

It is the simplicity of binary options trading that is the greatest advantage. It can be used as an investment vehicle, or used to hedge other investments. There are numerous trading strategies, each catering for a unique investment need.

To find out more, read some of our binary options guides.

Binary Options – Finding The Best Broker

Binary options trading can be used across a huge selection of markets and commodities and in a number of ways. The needs of the individual investors, would therefore determine the best trading account or best broker suited to them.

Some binary brokers focus exclusively on forex binaries (foreign exchange such as the ZAR/USD), while other brokers focus on commodities, and may only have a few forex market options. In addition, the payouts (returns) differs between asset classes, and could vary up to 25%, therefore it is important to review these when selecting a binary options account. If you want to know more about binary options brokers then you can compare a large amount of binary brokers in South Africa.

Certain binary trading accounts attract certain investors due to the investment limits. While some brokers can offer minimum trades of just £1, others specifically caters for investors willing to invest £200,000 in one single trade. An investor has to consider their own trading needs carefully when choosing a suited binary trading platform, prior to opening an account.

Brokers do make the decision easier, by offering demo trading accounts. These accounts allows new clients to try out their offered services, and see whether the investment scales and range of markets is suited to them. An investor can then proceed to a funded account once they are content with having found the right trading platform.

Visit our list of trading demo accounts.

Trading binary options – Start here

Here at binaryoptions.net.za we provide you with insight into strategies for binary trades. We provide a list of brokers, and also review their weaknesses and strengths. We offer a range of guides that will cover the basics, and also point you to available demo trading accounts. Additionally, we also cover the specialist subjects such as trading signals and forex.

All of this to provide investors a comprehensive guide to binary options trading in South Africa!