EZTrader Review

EZTrader began operating in 2008, and were one of the first binary options brokers. They are currently based in Cyprus (and is regulated by CySec), and are continuously developing their own bespoke trading platform. Because their trading platform is developed by themselves, it has ensured that they remain a leader in the world of binary options firms, as they are constantly refining their offering. They are very proud of their unique operating platform, and also pride themselves in good customer care.

EZTrader have a solid link with soccer – they are major partners of Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Tottenham, AS Roma and AIK. In the past they were also involved with Wimbledon and Grand National, thereby expanding their sponsorship ties. This benefit is passed on to traders, who can win match tickets and signed merchandise through competitions and promotions. Visit the site and search ‘EZTraderFC’ for details.

Here are some other EZTrader key details:

Demo Account – Yes. The EZTrader demo account
Minimum Deposit – £50
Minimum trade – £10
Signals service – Yes. EZtrader Live Signal Service
Bonus details – Up to $10,000 with coupon code ‘eznew’
Mobile App – Yes. Android and iOS catered for.

EZtrader Trading Platform Features

With a slick, slim user interface within their trading area, they make trading EZ! The trading area is unique in its look and feel, because of the bespoke platform. Across the top of the trading area are selectable tabs where the option types are listed. Once one has been selected, the area below will populate the price graph.

Drop down lists are provided to select the asset class (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks – stocks are then further broken down by geographical area. If the market in a particular area is closed, the option will be greyed out.) After choosing the asset class, the trader can then move to the next list, displaying the specific assets. Based on the asset selected, the payout and expiry fields will update whereafter the expiry time can be changed.

The price graph in the main part of the trading area will update once the appropriate values have been selected. Even the scale of the graph can be changed too, with timescales ranging between 5 minutes to daily intervals. To the left of the graph are the trading buttons, with clearly depicted green ‘up’ and red ‘down’ arrows. In the field between the arrows, traders enters the value of the trade. The value automatically updates the investment and return fields, allowing traders to see potential winnings.

Beneath it open trades are listed, and from there traders can optionally use the SellOption.

Trading Choice

EZTrader supplies a choice range of trading options, and includes the SellOption feature.

Binary Options – The traditional trade of either up or down. Will the price of an asset fall or rise?
Sell Option – A feature where traders can end their trade early or “cash in” their position. A trader can then lock in profit while a trade is doing well, or cut losses when the price has moved against the trader. It is a handy feature enabling traders to maximise their profits.

60 seconds – These are trades that follows the normal binary options pattern, however the expiry times are extremely short – 60 seconds or less.

Daily/Weekly – Also following the same rules as the standard binary options, however the expiry times are the close of the markets that day, or the close of markets at weekend.

Long term – This is a growing option for traders who prefer their investments to have enough time, by allowing the fundamentals to make an impact. Also as with normal binary options, they operate the same but have much longer expiry times. Two weeks up to twelve months. Long term binaries at EZTrader can only have one trade-able outcome, and not both directions as with other trades.


EZTrader Mobile App

EZTrader offers a free mobile trading app, complimentary to the full website, which is compatible with iOS and Android (versions 2.3.3 and newer) specifically developed for smartphones and tablets.

To ensure the end-user has a seamless experience from the desktop to the mobile app, the design of the entire platform revolved around cross device and cross browser compatibility.
To ensure quick, easy and accurate trading, the design also focused on ease of use. All the 120+ assets traded online, can be traded on the application too.

The latest financial mobile technology protocols secures the app, allowing deposits to be made via various channels on the EZTrader application. Traders are thereby ensured that they can react quickly regarding volatile markets and changing opportunities.

The account balance as well as open trades are also available on the app, as are breaking news and price alerts. A slick and efficient app which allows genuine trading while you are out and about, it has gained solid reviews from users who have downloaded it. (4.0 out of 5.0 from over 800+ reviews)

Trading Choice

EZTrader offers options on commodities, stocks, indices and forex. Their main range is focused on stocks, and they offer stock from the US, Asia and the EU. Although the ranges in other asset classes may not be as big as their rivals, all the well traded assets are available.


A 72% to 95% return on options is usually offered by EZTrader, however the rate can depend on the asset and expiry time. As an example, long term options do offer returns in excess of 400%, depending on the length of the period.

EZTrader Withdrawal and Deposit Options

A wide range of deposit methods are offered, depending on the location of the traders. Options for South African residents are Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners) and EFT. To fund a new account a minimum deposit of £200 is required.

An account needs to be verified before a withdrawal can be made, as is the same with the majority of brokers. Because it can be done at any time, it may be well worth while to do so in advance. Any delay in verification usually delays the withdrawal process, and becomes a source of dispute from disgruntled traders. To avoid delays, rather verify accounts earlier.

A withdrawal can be made once an account has been verified, via the ‘My Account’ screens. A normal procedure among all brokers, EZTrader will also only allow a withdrawal to a credit card to be the same amount as was originally deposited with the card. Additional profit should be withdrawn via EFT. This is a money laundering safeguard, and is the same for all brokers.

EFT refunds does have a £15 fee. According to EZTrader roughly 7 days is required to complete a withdrawal. Because this is slower than many competitors, EZTrader is working on improving it.

Other features

EZTrader offers the following features and benefits to its clients:

EZPay Meter – A simple meter which shows the cash back due to be paid at the next payment date. A good reward for regular traders. Low minimum trades – Only £20 per trade.
EZDay – Regular traders can earn free bonuses at the beginning of each month with EZDay.
Exclusive Bonus – With a deposit of £500, you get an Education package worth £5000. Only available through binaryoptions.net.za.