Binary Options Demo Account

Demo accounts are a safe way in which investors can learn what is involved with binary options, can test a particular trade or even experiment with different trading strategies – with no risk to their own investment funds. It is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in the binary options journey.

New traders can be offered a demo account by brokers as part of their training package. In addition to access to webinars, videos and one-on-one trading, brokers will then also provide a demo account to traders. This training bundle would however only be offered once an account has been set up, and a deposit has been made. While it is possible to open just a demonstration account without funds, it would often result in the full education package not being made available. However a demo account would still be well worth the effort.

Binary Demo Accounts – Key Benefits:

  • Education – Learn how to use the trading platform and learn how to trade binary options.
  • Payout comparison – Payouts differ from asset to asset. Demo accounts with various brokers allows a comparison of the same assets with different brokers.
  • Trading Strategies – Experiment risk free with new trading strategies.
  • Discover Additional features – Use the educational material or charting tools without a deposit.
  • Shop around – A demo account test-run can be done using various brokers, allowing you to select the one best suited for you, again with no outlay.
  • Money Management – Refine your perfect trading profile. Fine tune the trading size or choose specific assets.

These benefits will be discussed in more detail below.

Find the Best Broker Demo Accounts

A quick way in which to compare leading binary brokers, is to use our comparison tables. An even better way to have a closer look is by opening a demo trading account. Each broker provides slightly different platforms and tools. The best possible way to compare is to try them out before committing any funds. The demo accounts we list here are all no deposit demo accounts.

Individual preferences differentiate between what would work for one investor and another, regarding the small differences in markets, minimum trade levels and expiry times. A responsive and easy to understand trading portal is essential, as things change swiftly in binary options trading. The perfect layout is therefore a matter of opinion, but by experimenting with demo accounts, the perfect trading platform can be found.

Test Binary Trading Strategies With Demo Funds

A crucial element to binary options investment is trading strategies. To find that perfect strategy is a challenge, and even a worthwhile strategy may drop in its results over time. It makes a lot of sense then to use a demo account to test new methods or tweak existing processes. An investor can easily find what is working and what is not with a series of trades, without risking any funds.

In addition, while running a funded binary options account with a demo trading account alongside it, an investor can minimise the risk while searching for a profitable strategy.


Find Your Correct Trade Size

The correct level of investment for investors, can also be found with demo trading accounts. Many strategies and advisers suggest investing a set percentage of the overall fund for each trade. Some investors may scale back on some trades, while others invest more heavily. A demo trading account helps you see how much funds is needed for the strategy that is in place. Finding that perfect trading level is then much easier too.

Specialise In Particular Assets

Using a binary options demo account over a period of time, will highlight strengths and weaknesses. By focussing on the strengths, i.e. the trading histories that shows success, it could lead to long term specialities. A certain group of assets may be more ideal for the duration which a particular trader prefers. In addition, personal discernment regarding a particular asset could lead to more successful trading. Spotting these trends prior to trading with your own funds, could save a good deal of money which can then be better invested once you are on top of your game.

Build Up Experience with a Binary Options Demo Account

Ultimately using a demo account will allow new and existing investors to gain experience and build confidence, without losing a cent. Valuable lessons which have probably cost other traders money, as they had to learn the hard way. New investors are encouraged to make use of this facility, allowing them to progress from novice level to experienced trader with as little pain as possible. Binary Options demo accounts are invaluable, however the number of brokers on our list offering it, is decreasing. Grab the opportunity to sign up while you can.

Binary Options Demo Accounts – No deposit

A deposit is not usually required to open a demo account. Brokers have enough confidence in their brands to allow customers a test-run of their trading platforms, without a deposit.

All the demo accounts listed here are No Deposit demo accounts.

Binary Options Demo Accounts – No sign up

Before allowing a new trader access to a demo account, all brokers will require some form of sign up. As a bare minimum an email address wIll be required for verification purposes. However the benefits of a demo account far exceeds the slight hassle of signing up.

Ayrex is the only exception in offering a no sign up demo account. Traders can then use their platform, but obviously all results and history would be lost when the trader leaves.